Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In hosp 4-4-06

MIL was admitted to the hospital tonight. She has been feeling badly for about 2 wks now. Has a hard time breathing, walking from room to room.

They found fluid in her lungs that is going to need to be drained out BUT she is on Cumidin (a blood thinner) b/c she is prone to clots and they can't do the procedure until the Cumidin is gone from her system. We were told that would take 3 days. They have her hooked up to Oxygen and she'll have to stay on it as even with it attached to her her pulsox (is that right you medical girls??) is only at a 92%.

She told my SIL that she doesn't think she'll live another 2yrs. SIL said tonight that she is scared she isn't going to make it through this b/c things are pretty bad right now.

As much as I bitch about my MIL I really do love her - she is just a hard personality to get used to. Please pray for her.

One more request if I may - my sister. I know I didn't elaborate last week but she got herself into some trouble re: some things she did two yrs ago. I just found out tonight that SHE is being admitted to the hosp next Thurs b/c she needs surgery. If you could pls say a prayer for her as well. She is really upset and scared about this surgery and really wants me to be with her but obviously I can't fly at 34wks pg.

Thanks girls.

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