Monday, January 26, 2009

Update 6-13-05

It's been a long and horrible weekend girls.

First off - my MIL had a stroke. She has been in the hospital since 7am on Saturday morning. She has been diagnosed as an insulin dependant diabetic with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Her undiagnosed Diabetes combined with her blood sugar level was what caused her stroke. It affected the left side of her body. She had another stroke while in the hospital yesterday morning. She's not doing so hot. Her left arm is still losing strength - not getting better. Her left foot involuntarily moves itself. When she talks she sounds like she is drunk. Right now the Dr says it looks like she is going to be in the hospital for like a month and then she'll go to Braintree Rehab (a local rehab center that she will live at). Dr's are also saying she is also going to have to retire. She is 55yrs old.

As if that wasn't enough I was at the hospital until 11pm last night with MY mother. We brought her to the emergency room. She has been diagnosed with Cellulitus. She has had it for a month (she says) and Dr says is lucky she didn't die. My brother went over there yesterday to bring her some soda b/c she was all out. Well he comes home and says he saw my Mom's leg (her GOOD leg at that - my Mom had to have her right leg amputated below the knee 2yrs ago) and it is all red, blistering and (sorry TMI) oozing. I was like WTF? So I went over and looked and it is disgusting. She has open sores all over the back of her leg that just have crap running out of it. I had to force her to go to the damn hospital. We get there and the nurse tells her she should have come in at least 5 days ago. Nice. So they bring her back to Urgent care and tell her she is going to have blood work, an IV and have her leg dressed. We were there for 6 hours. I hate the ER. She got her IV about 10:30pm. She had to go back in this am at 8am to get another dose of IV antibiotics and they had to do an Ultrasound on her leg to make sure there are no clots or anything. My brother took her in and we are waiting now for her to call so we can go pick her up when she is done.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I would very much appreciate your prayers right now.


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