Friday, January 23, 2009

Failed IUI


Okay, so here is what's going on with me:

Our IUI last Wednesday was definitely useless. RE said DH's sperm was viable for 24-48 hrs which would have put me through to Friday night at 6:15pm. Well, I still haven't even O'd yet! ARGH! Now I'm playing the waiting game to O - I'm in waiting hell. I called my RE on Friday and told her I still hadn't O'd. She said not to stress out that we would just do it again next month. Easy for her to say right? I only get two more shots at this! Oh well, I'm trying to stay positive.

TMI but I had TONS of EWCM for the last 3 days so DH and I have been bd'ing just in case, by some great miracle, that happens to work for us. I'm just gonna keep on trucking!!!

Thanks to anyone who cares to read this and listen to me whine! Sorry to be such a PITA!

Christine (irish2irish9801)
TTC#1, 15months
Clomid#1, CD26
IUI CD21, definitely a bust since I still haven't O'd

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