Monday, January 26, 2009

Update 1-27-06

I am worried about her.

She had another grand mal seizure on Wed. 30min. Then she had a series of seizures yesterday and lost 14hrs of time. She didn't know who she was, where she was, who anyone around her was. Her Dr wants to readmit her into the hospital and she is terrified - doesn't want to go. He has upped her Epilepsy meds b/c he said with her memory loss and post-ictal (sp?) periods these are not the psychogenic seizures. She is now on 2,250mg of Keppra a day. She was on 1500mg.

I am so worried about her and I HATE her being so far away. Her gf has to work and she really doesn't have anyone. She was planning on coming up here on Feb 11th for a week while I am on vaca but she said her Dr says if she has another seizure she can't go. She said she hopes she doesn't have any until she gets here but what good would that do? Her specialist is in FL not here. I'm just torn. I can't fly back down to FL - can't miss more work and can't be gone again.

There really is no point to this post. I'm just worrying out loud I guess. I'm trying not to stress out but it's hard as hell. What do you do when you find out your sister lost 14hrs? When she can't even remember her own name. I feel so helpless.

TY for reading.

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