Friday, January 23, 2009

2 mon Night routine

So tonight I gave Aidan his bath (DH is working, like he does every friday night), did some baby massage, turned off all the lights in our room except for the nightlite and gave him his bottle. He fell asleep on me about 7min ago and I put him in his crib. He has only cried once so far.........hopefully he stays asleep for the night! (but I doubt it) He still has a pretty bad cold but we bought a new Humidifier today so hopefully that helps.

Not bad at all!

Aidan went down at 8:45pm and slept until 3am! Then he had a bottle and went back to sleep until 8:45am!!

I'll take that as a good sign! I'm going to try this again tonight and see if we can't get a solid routine going.

Even better!!

Aidan was down for the night at 9pm. He fussed twice when his nuk fell out but the third time it fell out it stayed out for the night! He didn't wake up until 6AM!!

Bottle at 6am and back to sleep until 9:45am!!

Just gave him another bottle and he is napping now.


I hope this becomes his regular sleep pattern and it's not just b/c he has a cold.

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