Friday, January 23, 2009

Pediatrician found

YAY! Now I can finally send my paperwork into the hospital and register!

A gf of mine reco'd this man b/c she uses him and luckily he is covered by our insurance. I called last week and they made an appt to see him. The hours are good - they are open for an hour AFTER I get home from work and are 5 min from our house. DH and I met with the pedi last night and we both really liked him. He sat down and talked to us for an hour - didn't make us feel like he wanted to leave, didn't rush us and answered all of our questions. Mind you, our appt with him was at 5:30pm (that is when it was scheduled by the nurse) and the office was EMPTY. It was nice to not feel like he was trying to get out of there asap.

I am so relieved to have this done - especially with all the contractions and everything. I now feel prepared just in case I DO go into labor early.

Sorry to be a PW girls, just happy to have it done!!


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