Friday, January 23, 2009


This morning at 7:45am my FIL was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

He went to let the dogs out at 6:30am. This much he remembers. At 7am my MIL woke up, saw my FIL outside and put on the teakettle. She noticed he was staring up at the sky - but she thought he was looking at the roof b/c they had a leak. At 7:18am my MIL realized my FIL still was not inside and went to check on him. The dogs had leashes on but were running around with no one holding them. 7:20am my FIL comes inside the house. My MIL saw him stumbling in the kitchen almost as if he were drunk. He was mumbling something but went right into their bathroom. Once there he started yelling. My MIL ran in and he was holding his arm and screaming. She immediately thought heart attack and started yelling for my DH. I woke up to her screaming that my FIL was having a H.A. and that she was calling 911. DH had to hold him up b/c he kept falling over - he was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom.

My FIL is a VERY strong man. He is one of those men that will not admit pain or show pain at ALL. Girls, when I ran into their bathroom he was SOBBING and screaming in pain. I absolutely lost it.

He went to the ER and they did a CAT Scan, EKG and the normal bloodwork. He was not/did not have a heart attack but he did dislocate his shoulder and break his arm up by his shoulder. He does NOT remember the entire 50min that he was outside at ALL. This worries the Dr's. Dr came in to check on my FIL and did the "stick" test on his feet. Where they run a stick up the base of your foot. Normally your foot would automatically flex up - this is a reflex. My FIL's right foot does not move. At all. The Dr thinks my FIL either had a seizure or a stroke.

As of right now he is being admitted and he will stay until at least Monday, possibly Tuesday. Tomorrow night he is being kept awake all night. Monday morning he will undergo an EEG so the Dr's can determine seizure or stroke. My FIL has to rescind his license for the next SIX months. He is not allowed to work or drive under any circumstances at all. Depending on the EEG findings he may be forced into early retirement.

I'm sorry this is so long - I think I am still in shock. My MIL sent us home from the hospital b/c we have the baby and no one to babysit. We are going to go back up when he is admitted to his own room - right now he is in the ER still.

Please remember my FIL in your prayers. As some of you know my father and i do not have ANY type of relationship at all and this man is the closest I have ever come to having a real father.

My MIL just got home from the hospital.

The EEG shows that my FIL does in fact have Epilepsy and it's on both sides of his brain. He definitely suffered a seizure on Sat morning and it was Grand Mal.

He will most likely have the surgery on his shoulder to repair the floating bone tomorrow and will hopefully get to come home by the end of the week.

I'm so relieved that the dr's were able to pinpoint exactly what is wrong and that it can be controlled with medication.

The only downfall is going forward my DH and our kids will have to be extremely aware and watch out for any symptoms with this disease b/c it is now considered a predominant gene since his dad has it.

Thank you all SO much for your prayers and support. It really means the world to me.

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