Friday, January 23, 2009

TTC 3-22-04

Well, the red biotch is back. I'm sure of it.
Moosh, to answer your question from the other post, my line is dotted b/c the STUPID OPK said I was about to O so I got IUI and then I didn't end up O'ing for another FIVE days! So that shot was wasted completely. Any time your chart doesn't "match up" with something else they pop in a dotted line. That would be mine. My OPK didn't match up with my actual O date.

As for my temps, there is a steady decline..........I'm sure today will be my first day of real spotting. TMI but there was some brown on the tp when I went last night right before bed. But I'm okay with it - I will just call RE today, ask if she wants me to start Clomid CD#3 again and we'll start all over. There is nothing I can do about it. This month I'm not starting the OPK's until CD#20 or so b/c I really do O late. I'm not wasting all that money on kits again. My temp still hasn't dropped below the CL but I'm sure it will bottom out tomorrow.

I think I'm okay with not being pg this month - at least I know I still have a couple more shots at the IUI. I'm just going to make sure I take those OPK's religiously! No mess ups like last month - I still can't explain what the hell happened between the OPK + and my actual O! Does anyone have any recco's for a reliable OPK? I don't even care how much they cost anymore - I want to get this right!

X - I so hope you are right about April! I would love for that to come true!

Baby dust right back to all of you who need it!

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