Monday, January 26, 2009

Walking! 1-23-06

I do have good things going on too! lol.

Ryan is active as all get out and doing great. We have our next appt tomorrow at 5pm and I'm sure all will be fine. He started kicking hard enough to feel on the outside so in between my flying to Tampa and back DH was able to feel Ryan which was fantastic. I can't believe it's going so quickly!

Aidan has decided to start WALKING! Well, should I say start? He walked on Fri night (yep, I missed it ) for DH. DH was able to get all of THREE seconds of it on film though. I see lots of posts about video so once I find the original one about how to do this I'll get it online and share with you all. Of course now that I am home Aidan hasn't done more than his usual one or two steps without falling. He had been doing that for some time before I left. He walked across the width of his bedroom for DH, go figure. I'll keep waiting though!

Aidan's latest trick now is to answer the question "What does a cow say" by going "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" lol. He is also the biggest little flirt. He will look at you and smile and then hide behind something, pop out to make sure you are still looking and hide again lol. Lord help me.

I think I posted that we moved around the boys' nursery. Ryan's crib is all set up and the room looks huge the way we moved things around. I ordered his bedding 3wks ago and as soon as it comes in I'll post pics of it and the finished room.

That's all I've got for now! (((HUGS)))

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