Monday, January 26, 2009

Update 1-10-06

I got a call from my sisters girlfriend last night. My sister was rushed to the hosp in an ambulance. She had a grand mal seizure last night. At the hosp during the night she had another seizure. Her heartrate was at 180 and her bp went through the roof. They aren't sure what is causing the seizures. There is NO history of seizures, epilepsy, brain disorders in my family at all.

She had a CT Scan and it came back clean but they mostly check for genetic abnormalities (from what I understand) There is a neurologist AND a brain specialist on her case now. She is scheduled for an MRI, EEG and another test I am blanking on right now. The brain specialist (I'm sure there is a term for this!) is thinking she may have anywhere from 1-4 air pockets on(?) her brain.

My sister is terrified. She has no family down there at all. I just booked tickets for my brother and I to fly down tonight and we'll be coming home on Sunday. (DH will stay home with Aidan - I can't bring A with me and I don't want to leave him with anyone while he is still sick)

Please send prayers for my sister.

(((HUGS))) to all of you!

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