Friday, January 23, 2009



Let me start off by being REALLY cheesy and saying thanks for letting me join you all! BT was getting WAY out of control for me!

Okay, well here is the scoop with me. All I can say is TOO much going on! lol.

Most of you know that we've been TTC for 14 months now. I have really irregular and long cycles which is why I count the months. I'm not even sure how many cycles it is anymore. Well, FS put me on Provera this cycle and AF already came and went. Today is the last day of my Clomid too! Next step for us is an IUI. DH had SA and although he has lots of little swimmers and they are all healthy he has slow motility. Bottom line is those suckers just aren't getting to my egg fast enough! All of my tests came back normal.....blood work, HSG etc. So the ONLY problem with us is the speed thing lol. I'm on CD7 today and I will start using an OPK on Monday, CD12.

Here is where the too much comes in. On Monday I am having surgery! FS found two "breast masses" in my left breast. She sent me to see my surgeon. (I've previously had 3 tumors removed from the same breast. All were benign thank God.) He decided he didn't want to take any chances with these b/c he isn't sure what they are. I went for an Ultrasound AND a Mammogram and neither mass even shows up on the tests! Therefore my dr is a little concerned. He feels rather than risk it he just wants to take them out. Esp since I'm using fertility medication and such...........the meds sometimes cause growths to grow even more.

Sooooo, I guess that is it. That should bring you up to speed with me. I bet you all wish you were me don't you? LOL. (sorry, trying to keep my sense of humor up lol)


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