Monday, January 26, 2009

Update 1-23-06

I flew back home Sat afternoon and I'm not leaving again! lol. I haven't had a chance to get on b/c yesterday was my friends baby shower so I have LOT to catch up on.

The update on my sister: Cheryl has been diagnosed with two different kinds of seizures. One is from Epilepsy. She is on two different meds (Keppra and Topomax) and will be on them for the rest of her life. The second kind of seizure she is having is fired off from the part of her brain that causes emotions and they are called Psychogenic seizures. She will be going to see a psychiatrist to get meds for these b/c the epilepsy meds won't be able to stop them. She had seizures every day up til Wed night, nothing on Thurs or Fri but then 4 more again on Sat and 1 on Sun. The ones she had on Sat were all emotional ones though b/c she was upset my brother and I were leaving. The plan as of last night was to send her home today but she'll have to go back on Fri to see her doctor. (The specialist she was seeing, Dr. Passaro. He is actually pretty well known - I googled him - and this is his field of expertiese.) Cheryl is giving up her apt and moving in with Cynthia b/c she won't be able to live alone for a while. She has to rescind her license until she is 6mon seizure free as well. Hopefully from here on out she is going to be okay. As soon as she starts seeing the Psychiatrist and gets on the right meds for the psychogenic seizures we're hoping she doesn't have any more at all!

Thank you again to ALL of you for being so supportive and wonderful. I appreciate it more than words can say!!!

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