Monday, January 26, 2009

9 months

My little boy is growing up! At 6 months he was 28.5 inches long, weighed 21.5lbs and his head circ was 42cm. 9 months: 30in long (95th percentile) 22.11 lbs (85th percentile) 44cm head circ (74th percentile) He didn't gain a whole lot but he grew another 1.5 inches!! I think he is going to be taller than his daddy lol. Dr said he is doing fine and he is happy we have moved on from baby food. He asked if Aidan is pulling himself up yet and we said yes, on anything he can reach and that he walks all around his crib now while holding on. He also gave us the go ahead for Milk, Eggs and peanut butter (in small doses) which I guess is a good thing but I know opinions vary here.

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