Friday, January 23, 2009

Telling Meme and Papa


So we decided that if we were going to see MIL and FIL yesterday there was no way we could keep it a secret. (long story but b/c of a Mother's Day issue that came up we weren't going to see them at all yesterday and we weren't going to tell them we were PG until after my 1st appt on the 28th.) Anyways, in law's ended up at my SIL's house which is 10min from us so we stopped over. We had gone to Hallmark first and got two cards that said Congratulations on becoming Grandparents. One for MIL and one for FIL.

sidenote - they decided they are selling their house and moving closer to us and to SIL. We just found out. They put an offer on a house so in order to keep them guessing I told them the cards for MIL and FIL were Congrats on your new home cards.

So MIL opens hers and CLEARLY doesn't even read what it says on the outside which states something about new baby. She opens the inside and must have just skipped down and read what I wrote on the bottom without even reading the card itself b/c she just starts screaming "What? WHAT?" lol. Then she reads the card itself. Immediately starts bawling. SIL jumps off the couch and attacks me and then attacks DH. Everyone is crying. Everyone is ecstatic and says how we just made everything perfect. Nothing else could make life any better.

After that the rest of the afternoon was spent with my Mom and MIL planning the shower I'll be having 5 months from now lol. They were too funny for words.

Just wanted to share.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

EDD 1/4/05

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