Friday, January 23, 2009


I know I've been neglecting the board lately and I apologize. I have been so swamped at work lately and then I got sick on Thursday with a cold (yup Tammy, add another one to your list!) that I still have. I actually stayed home from work yesterday b/c I was feeling so bad. I'm back today but honestly not much better.

Anyways, I'll fill you in on what is up with me. I'm not a happy camper. CD23 andSTILL NO O! I took my OPK and still a negative. So I call my dr's asst and ask her if this is normal. I tell her that I still haven't O'd and she said no, that I definitely should have O'd before now. She says she is sure my dr will want to upgrade my Clomid to 100mg. I asked if she thought dr would put me on Provera/Progesterone again to skip O and just jump me right to AF so we could start again and she said probably not b/c she's sure she'll want to see when I get AF. Then she said that my dr may not be able to help me at all and that they may want me to see an RE. Okay, I thought I was seeing an RE! Guess not huh? So while it's good that they might want to escalate me to RE it's NOT good b/c I only have so much insurance money left and I'm still back at square one. Dr's asst asked me if I know why I get AF so late - why there are so many days in between. Um no, isn't that why I go to you guys? So you can tell me this stuff? This just sucks.

Now I'm up in the air b/c I don't know what the dr is going to say. Either yes, keep on with the OPK's and we'll still do an IUI this month or no, we're not going to do one. You know? My plan is to keep on taking the OPK's and go in for another IUI - unless I hear otherwise I guess.

Dr's asst is supposed to call me back when my dr gets in the office this afternoon so I guess I'll have to keep you posted......haven't heard anything yet. I'm sorry to be such a whiny brat - I was still holding out hope for this month. Now I don't know what the hell to expect.

Thanks for listening everyone!ChristineTTC#1, 16monsClomid#2, CD23No freaking O yet, but when I do we go for IUI #2. I hope.

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