Friday, January 23, 2009


So I woke up this morning, took my temp as normal, came into work and entered it in my chart. NOW all of a sudden I'm 6dpo?!?! WTH is up with that?! I know it's going on the ONE and only day of EWCM that I had....I just wonder what the other criteria are. There is no way in hell that I am pg either b/c DH and I bd'd 4 days before I supposedly O'd. I have to call my dr's asst and tell her there is no point on my starting Provera/Progesterone. She wanted me to start it today. I'd be on that for 5 days and if I got AF 3 days after the last pill like I did before it would be stupid b/c according to my chart I'll have AF in 7-9 days anyways. (going on my LP's from before) Why bother taking the pills when AF will just come naturally.

Now here is my other issue - I'm PISSED b/c I NEVER got a + OPK! This is why I didn't want to rely solely on the OPK's - I'm just not trusting them. I'm buying the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor - that's it. I put a bid on one of them on Ebay and I'll just keep on bidding til I win it. (If anyone is looking for one this seller has 8 of them for sale at $49.99. There are still 2 that haven't been bid on at all - page me if you want more info!!) Hopefully I'll get it in time to start with this cycle.

I do have a question for those of you with experience with these. Does it work your first cycle or does it take two cycles to find out how your body works? Any help would be appreciated girls b/c at this point I've had it up to here with ALL of this.

Thanks again for reading!

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