Friday, January 23, 2009


This is just going to be a bad day. I just need to vent - feel free to exit the post.

I am SO tired - I haven't slept for more than an hour at a time in a week. I could honestly put my head down and cry at my desk right now. That is how exhausted I am. I really just want to go home.

My weekend sucked except for my friend getting married. That was wonderful - we spent the whole day getting ready, I was a bm. She looked beautiful and I had a great time. Out really late though and up really early. Didn't get much sleep. But then yesterday I got up early, got ready, did my hair, got all of my clothes together and went and picked up my friend for my PG Potraits. As soon as we got to the location we were going to do them in it started to rain. So we had to go home. I was so depressed, I've been looking forward to these forever.

Then my sister called me. Most of you know we postponed my baby shower almost a whole month so that she'd be able to come. It's the Sunday after Thanksgiving b/c she is supposed to come up for Thanksigiving. Well yesterday she throws herself a pity party about how rough she has it. She goes on and on about how she has no money and how now she isn't sure she'll be able to come up at all. Hi, you are whining to ME about money? DH and I have been supporting OUR disabled Mother for the last SEVEN months with no help from my sister whatsoever. When my Mom moved in with us my sister told me she'd send money to help out b/c my Mom had nothing and can't work. She never sent us a red cent. BUT I found out on Friday that my sister told my Mom she has been sending us money right along!!!! She flat out lied! Then she told my Mom "not to tell Christine I told you." Okay, clearly knows she is lying right? But without making this ridiculously long this is how my sister is. She is a pathological liar. It's very sad but anything she tells me I second guess and don't believe until I see proof. That's just the way it is. Anyways, my sister has known about Thanksigiving, um, ALL YEAR NOW! She also knows we postponed my shower for her specifically. Why hasn't she bought a plane ticket before now? I know she is waiting for DH and I to offer to buy it but we absolutely refuse to. 1. we just can't afford it right now and 2. I would NEVER especially after her lying to my Mom about helping out. I am just so upset. No matter how often my sister pulls one of her stunts I always hope that it will be the last one. She is 26 yrs old for crying out loud, not 20. I am just so depressed. She isn't going to make my shower - I know it. I don't understand why she is like this at all. How can siblings turn out so differently? My brother and I are VERY close - we talk all of the time. My sister only calls when she wants something. (the reason she even called me at all yesterday was for help with a homemade meatball recipe) I'm just so depressed. It doesn't help that I need sleep and that it is a rainy crappy day today.

I'm sorry, I won't go on any longer. If you have read so far thank you for listening. I just want to crawl into bed and have DH hold me. It's just one of those days I guess.

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