Friday, January 23, 2009


So, here I am 6dpo and feeling crampy. I'm thinking I'm getting AF any minute and FF just screwed up my O date which I will fix when I get AF.

Well, this morning someone pointed out that my huge dip yesterday could possibly be an implantation dip and that the cramps I've been feeling yesterday and today could be implantation cramps. To be quite honest I hadn't even considered the fact that I'd have a shot this month b/c I've pretty much accepted the fact that DH and I won't get PG the "old fashioned" way due to his slow motility.

So after all that - what do you guys think? I know not everyone is experienced with charting but those of you who do know about it I would love your input. I'm starting to get really curious here and wondering if maybe I should be hoping for a BFP and not wishing AF would hurry up so I could start my increased dosage of Clomid.

Thanks for looking girls - I really do appreciate it!!

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