Friday, January 23, 2009

Glucose Test and Rhogham shot

I PASSED!! YAY! Dr's cutoff is 135 and my level was 127. I'm so glad that I don't have to go through the 3 hour test!

I had my Rhogham shot on Friday too. It was nothing!!! I only felt the tiniest stick and I said "is that IT?!" Then I said "hello Vicar" b/c I felt the burn a little bit lol. But if anyone has ever had a morphine IV drip (I had to have one back in Feb b/c I had a uterine cyst rupture and landed in the hospital) it's absolutely nothing. The morphine burned way more than the shot did.

The only point of concern is my blood count. She said how very common it is for pg woman to have low counts at this stage but mine is still lower than she'd like. So now I'm on iron pills. Yipeee, add those to my other 5 pills and I'm taking 6 pills a day. UGH. I feel like an addict.

But Aidan is healthy and everything else is great. She did warn me that he is measuring "big" though. Yikes. I asked my Mom what we (me, my sister and brother) weighed just for kicks. My sister and I were both over 8lbs and my brother was 12lbs 14oz!!!!! I almost fell over!! She had 3 C sections but still! MIL says DH was 6lbs 7 oz. Um, can I have that one please? LOL.

If you read all this - thanks! I know it's long!

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