Friday, January 23, 2009

One month

Okay, I can't even believe he is a month old already! Everything is great - my son is a little heffer. lol. He was born at 8lbs 9oz, discharged at 8lbs 2oz, two week checkup was 8lbs 15oz. Today he weighed in at a whopping 11lbs 14oz!!!! Holy crap! Dr was very happy though and says Aidan is above average in all areas. He is 21 3/4in long now and head circ is 15cm. Dr gave us the go ahead to start rice in his bottle, b/c he is always hungry, and even gave us some formula to try out that has the rice added in for you already. The only "event" that happened was while we were at the Dr Aidan peed all over me. Go figure - the FIRST time my son pees on my and it's while we are out! LOL. So I had wet spots on my jeans and my shirt to walk around with. Ahhh well, he had to get me sometime! It's been a good morning so far!

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