Friday, January 23, 2009

Dislocated knee


As if there weren't enough disabled ppl in this house right now.

I fell this morning. I dislocated my right knee. I have to keep my leg in an immobilizer and I"m on crutches for a week. Then I have to go see an orthopedic surgeon next Thurs to see if I tore anything and if I'll need surgery.

The worst part - I am an AWFUL mother. I was carrying Aidan to put him down for a nap when it happened. I went to take DH's work pager off the chair and must have twisted wrong b/c I fell between the chair and the ottoman. THANK GOD I was able to put Aidan down on the ottoman as I was falling. He didn't land gently but he didn't land on the ground like I did either. But every time I think of myself almost dropping my baby I start to sob all over again.

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