Monday, January 26, 2009

27 weeks

Hi girls!

Went to the midwife yesterday, everything looks/sounds good. Belly is measuring spot on, Ryan's HR was in the 130's and total weight gained at almost 28wks is 16lbs.

Should hear about my GD test results soon.

Last week I started getting a rash. I thought it was the same thing I had with Aidan (just WAY early since I didn't get it til the end with him) but it's definitely not PUPPS. It's not presenting right for that. So, my midwife drew extra blood and is checking my liver function to make sure the rash isn't coming from that. Hopefully I'll hear soon and everything will be okay. She gave me meds to take that I started last night. She told me to take 25-50mg but I always start on the lowest dose - I'm SO glad I did! I feel like I have a sleep hangover today, I'm exhausted. She did warn me they'd make me drowsy but I didn't think I'd still feel today! lol. Maybe when my body gets used to them that will change.

Had to have the Rhogham shot again - that was a breeze - didn't bother me last time so I knew it would be okay yesterday too.

That's all I've got!

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