Friday, January 23, 2009

1st appt 6-1-04

Hi everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!

DH and I had our first ob/gyn appt on Friday so we took the day off. The appt went really well. They took our family histories and gave us a whole packet of information. Then they took about 7 vials of blood. LOL. They also set up our first u/s appt!!! YAY!!! The dr said we may actually be one week further along than we think so she wants us to have the u/s asap. So tomorrow afternoon at 3:45pm we'll have our first u/s. Hopefully they'll be able to tell us if it's twins once and for all so we'll be prepared!

I hope this doesn't come out wrong but I am so happy to be able to see "proof" of the baby you know? b/c unless I'm feeling m/s I don't really "feel" pg. I know that is awful to say but I'll just be so happy when we go tomorrow and they tell us everything is okay.

Thanks for listening girls!!

EDD 12/27/04 OR 1/4/05

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