Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 16

What's your biggest accomplishment?

This one is tough. I have a few that I'd say are pretty damn big.  In my opinion.  

1. Making it on my own at 17yrs old and beyond. I worked three jobs and did what I had to do to support myself.....and I made it. 

2. Aidan, Ryan and Erynn.  They are, by far, my pride and joy.  I may not be perfect but I know that I did something amazing. Three times. ;-)

3. Today, I ran/walked my first 5K. I'm pretty damned proud of myself for that. I've NEVER been a runner. I've wanted to do a 5K for two years and I've never followed through. Today I finally did.  AND I did it in 38min without training for it.  I can only improve from here!!

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