Monday, August 22, 2011

Just like old times..........

this weekend gave me a look back into old times.........with a modern twist. IE: sleepovers that I used to have as an "adult" that now turned into a sleepover with old friend and her son.

So cool.

Friday Christen, whom I've known for 15 years, came over with her son Ronan. We had scheduled a playdate. Well, the playdate turned into an impromptu sleepover. The kids were having so much fun playing and the boys kept asking "can Ronan have a sleepover Mom???" So cute!

Why the heck not?

So, at 8p on Friday night Christen and I took a drive to West Bridgewater to grab the things they'd need to spend the night. I don't remember what time the kids went to bed but the adults stayed up talking until about 2am.

Holy hell. I can't hang anymore. Seriously. No alcohol involved and we were draaagging. ASS. all day on Saturday. How is this possible? How did we get so old?

Back in the day Christen, along with many other friends, and I would stay up all damn night talking (probably drinking lol) and just hanging out. Go to sleep for a couple of hours and get on with the next day. Now? Not so much. Are we really this old??

Saturday was more of the same - the kids spending time playing together. Chris and I went up to Target to get some back to school stuff (really?! already?!) for the kids and then we took them to a paint your own pottery place that afternoon. Christen and Ronan stayed for dinner and then they had to head out.

All the kids have been asking when we'll have another sleepover. I *heart* that they love hanging out so much. Christen and I have been very close friends for a long time and I love that it looks like our kids will follow in our footsteps.

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