Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5 - Aidan John

My first born.

My oldest.

The first one to make me feel what it felt like to have my heart walking around outside of my body.

My sensitive little man.  He's 7 years old and so much older than his years.  I worry about him all the time because he's so sensitive.  I worry about his fragile little self esteem.  I hope he has enough friends, I hope he is happy.   He is such a joy and he is such a kind, BIG hearted little boy.  He's inquisitive, thoughtful, loving.  He's always looking out for his brother and his sister.  He always wants to include them.  (Actually, they all do this - they are VERY thoughtful when it comes to one another)   He still wants to give his Mother a hug and a kiss in front of his classmates at school - he's not too old for that.   He is SUCH a love.  I hope he always will be.

He was the one we tried for the longest.  After over two years of infertility our prayers were answered and he is SUCH a blessing.   I am thankful that we were able to finally have children.  I am thankful that he was our first.  I am thankful for my Aidan John. 

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