Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 23 - Black Friday hell / fun / pick your word

As much as I loathe staying up all night (because, let's face it I'm not young anymore!!) - or most of it anyway - I'm thankful for Black Friday.   I'm thankful for the kick ass record I set this year with Susan!  

We left my house at 12:30a this morning....I did TRY to take a nap but that didn't go so well.  As soon as I went to lie down after cleaning up completely from a ridiculously large Turkey Day dinner....everyone and their brother decided they would start texting and calling me so that nap was a big fat FAIL.  Anyway, I got up and showered at 11:30p to wake myself up and we got on our way.   We got to Kohl's at 12:40a, the doors opened at 1a.   I was FULLY prepared.  I had my lists for the stores I needed to go to, how much I was spending at each store and which kid needed what.   We were in and out of Kohl's in 28 min because we got right in, grabbed what we needed and ran right up to the register where there wasn't a soul in line.   That is pretty damn impressive - especially when that line to get in at 1a went all the way down to Rite Aid.  If I could tell you in feet I would but I suck at that.  Forgive me.

Next stop, Walmart.  Holy CLUSTERF@#%.  I'm sorry, but truly, CLUSTER.   Most disorganized, torn apart store, EVER.   Half of the things they had in the flier were nowhere to be found.  Of course my kids shopped OFF the damn flier so it was like being on a treasure hunt.  Regardless, we still managed to be in and out of there in under an hour.   We were waiting in line for about 10 min when Susan went to look for something.  She noticed there was someone checking out in jewelry and there was NO line.  She ran over to get me and I ran over.  Yup, checked out in 5 min.  SCORE two points for team Susan and Christine!

Third stop, Target.  This was the biggest list for both of us.   But, we're both quite familiar with the layout at Target - shocking, I know, so we weren't worried in the least.  We got in, got what we needed and actually looked around a bit because we finished up faster than we thought.   We didn't have to wait in any line for checkout here either.  Unheard of.   Last year John and I spent more time waiting in lines for checkout than we did shopping!

So, this year's Black Friday shopping time - 2.5 hours.  My kids are 100% DONE for Christmass, aside from their stockings.  Holy hell!   That has GOT to be some kind of record!!!   So, again, even though it's 7p on Friday and I've gotten 7 hrs of sleep in the past 48hrs, it was absolutely, 1000% worth it and I know my ass will be right back at it again next year.  Yeaaaaaah buddy!

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