Monday, July 25, 2011

Another weekend flies by

I wish I could find a way to sloooooow them down! I want more time damnit!

Thursday night I went out for a little karaoke with Justine, Christine, Keri and Eric. Good times. Right down the street from my house and very entertaining. Yes, I did sing. Not alone. Hell no. There isn't enough liquor in the world. Christine and I sang "Last Name" by Carrie Underwood and "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. Although parts of DSB I did sing alone because Christine stopped singing and made me. LOL. I was SO nervous! I don't know Last Name very well so I'm sure it could have been better but C, J and K all said I did great. Yeah yeah. Whatever, it's karaoke and I know for sure I wasn't the worst singer in there lol.

Friday was SO hot. We tried to stay inside all day. It was one of those dangerously hot days. The kids did get out in the sprinkler for a bit but not until after 4pm. It really was that hot. I had a nasty migraine - I don't do heat well.

Saturday started off rocky. HUGE thunderstorm. We had an outdoor birthday party to go to and I was afraid it wasn't going to happen. Thankfully the storm only lasted for the morning. At 1pm we went to Vivian's birthday party. John got called in for a detail so he stayed for 20 min and then left. The kids had such a great time. Jeff (V's grandfather and our neighbor) had a bounce house and it was a pool party so the kids bounced and swam to their hearts content. No, I did NOT get in a bathing suit. No way, no how. I just watched the kids like a hawk. No worries though, they are really pretty good at swimming and they did just fine. I was able to chit chat with the neighbors and it was a great time. At 430p I made the kids pack up though because I had to go to the grosh and get supplies for dinner. I wasn't traipsing around with them in wet suits. I took them home, got them changed and off to Trucchi's we went. The kids wanted tacos. Absolutely - quick and easy, sounds good to me! John got home just as I finished serving up the kids so he was able to eat with us as well. Saturday night we just stayed in and watched movies with Mike and Brandon. Very laid back, perfect.

Sunday was a beach day. I wish someone had let the sun know that! I set the alarm for 645a (who gets up that early on purpose, on a weekend?! Oh, wait. I do. HA) and wasn't happy to see a very cloudy morning. It was supposed to clear up though so we said we'll go anyway. Lisa, Ronny, Avery, Shane, Stephanie, Butch, Emma, Noah and Addie were all going with us. We met up at Lisa's house and hit the road. The day never really cleared up - the sun would try and peek out a little bit but never lasted long. It was sprinkling off and on but we were in bathing suits anyway so who cared. The kids caught hermit crabs, clams, shrimp, dug in the dirt, walked in the water, played in the splash pad and just had a great time. At 2pm we started to pack up because the wind kicked up and it was a bit chilly. I wish it was sunny but we still had a great time anyway. We'd never been to this specific place before so I'm really glad the kids loved it. Hopefully next time the sun will join us!

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