Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Check ups and Kid-isms

There are days where I'd REALLY like to find that pause button.  Time just goes by so quickly. I wish I could make it stop for just a year or two.  I miss the rocking to sleep.  I miss the kids falling asleep in the crook of my arm.  I miss naptime, but not for the quiet time, I just miss how little they used to be.  It's gone - all gone.  They are so big now.  Independent.  They know what they want.  They are go,go,go all the time now.   We just signed Ryan up for football and Erynn up for Softball (teeball) this past week.   We'll be rushing around from practices and one sport to another - that's only going to add to how quickly time goes by.  I can't stand it.  

Last Friday I had to take the boys in for their check ups.  

Aidan is 9 years old.  He is now 4 ft, 7 in tall.  I'm sorry, what?!  He's almost 5 ft tall!!!  He's in the 85th percentile for his age.  The doctor says he'll be well over 6 ft tall.  I don't put much stock into all of that - he'll be what he is but with a Dad at 6'2" and a Mom at 5'8" the chances are pretty high that he's going to be tall.   He is weighing in at 67.2lbs.  That's 75th percentile for weight.   No concerns, he looks great and all is well.

Ryan is 7 yrs old, 8 yrs in May.  He is 4 ft, 3 in tall.  He's in the 75th percentile for his height.  I think he'll catch up to Aidan in no time lol.  He weighs 56.6lbs but he looks like he is all skin and bones.  You can see his ribs when he takes his shirt off.  But the kicker is he eats like a pig.  He is just always going!   I don't know the percentile for his weight, the Dr never even said it.   Again, he's doing great.  He has an indentation right near his heart where his breastbone never formed correctly when he was born/forming - that was Ryan's biggest concern.  He just wanted to make sure he'd be able to play football.  The Dr gave him the green light and that was all Ryan needed to hear.  

Erynn has her check up in April so we'll see where she falls.  I just wish it wasn't going by so quickly. 

Now for the fabulous things that have yet again come out of my kids mouths.

Ryan is cuddling / hugging me.  
John:  Hey!  No hugging my wife!
Ryan:  Back off!! That's my Mom!!   She bornded me!  (wth is bornded?!?!  LOL)  She's MY MOM!   Back off Dad!!!

Daddy!!  Shut that door!!  You're letting all of those MOPS in the house!!!!  (Mops = moths)

Mom.  It's a good thing I was here to remember you because you forgot that we needed to go to the store.  

Aidan:  Mom, how did you not know about Beetlejuice?  (Betelgeuse)
Me:  Um - how do YOU know about Beetlejuice??  (I'm thinking he is talking about the movie with Michael Keaton that I know I for damn sure haven't let him watch!)
Aidan:  We learned about it in school Mom!
Me:  What?!   What are you doing learning about Beetlejuice?!
Aidan:  MOM!  It's the head to Orion - you know, the constellation??  How do I know MORE than you and Daddy do??
Me:  Oh.  Well then.  Well, Mommy and Daddy went to school a long time ago and scientists are still discovering new things every single day so there are things that they hadn't found yet.  You will learn about things that we didn't learn.  
Schooled by my 9 year old.   

Then again - I'm still getting over the fact that they have just up and CHANGED MATH!!!!  Don't even get me started on that one.  

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