Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

I'm not quite sure how it happened but it's been 11 years since John and I got married!!

Some days it feels like 1,000 years.  (Come on, you know you have those days too!)

Other days it feels like 10 minutes.

I love this man with all of my heart.  I could not have married a more perfect man for me.

Um, there isn't another man that could up with me full time.  Have we met?  You KNOW what I'm like!  HA!

He's a saint.  We all know this.

Looks like we've made it.....Look how far we've come.  We didn't take the long way, lol, but we took the way that was meant for us and that's all that matters. 

There were those who thought we were crazy (we might have been) but we were crazy in love and 11 years later we still are.

I love you THIS much and I always will.


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