Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trick or Treat!

Ahhh, Halloween.  Where people can act the fool and get away with it.  Blaming it on a holiday and thinking we all don't know any better.  I see you.  I know the truth.  Nah, I'm just kidding.   

I admit it.  I was one of those people for a hot minute.  I thought I'd be cool and get all suited up in Ryan's football gear.  Not thinking for even a minute that the stuff would actually fit me.  GTF out of here, whaddaya know - IT FIT!   Pads and all.  Now I really wanted to parade myself around town with a sign on my ass saying "YES, THIS IS MY EIGHT YEAR OLD'S GEAR I'M WEARING ON MY 37 YEAR OLD BODY!!!"  But I didn't.  Truth be told, I think they have lead lining those football helmets because after about 5 min in it (long enough for me to get photographic proof that yes, I was doing the damn thing HA!) I had a headache and legit had to take some Aleve to make it go away LOL!!!   However, now I know why those poor kids look like bobble heads running up and down the field!  

Every year we go out Trick or Treating with our friends, the W Family.  It's tradition.  They used to live down the street, but they sold their house this year and now they live on the other side of town.  Sad, but at least our tradition continues on!  Their little boy, S, idolizes Ryan.  It's SO stinking cute.  This year they ended up with the same costume.  It was hysterical.  They were doing this little dance and singing "we wag our tail back and forth."   Adorable. Below is the kids all lined up ready to go.  I tried to drag it out as much as possible because it just doesn't seem right to be going out when it's still light out but TOT ran from 4-8p this year and we could only hold the kids off for so long.

The loot.  OMG how disgusting is this?  Between my three kids they scored 622 pieces of candy.  Yes, we counted.  146 pieces of it I threw away because it was the stuff I won't let my kids eat.  Gummy type candies, sugar sticks, lollipops, that kind of thing.  But the rest of it they scooped up and had to put into 2.5 Target shopping bags.  NO, I will not let my kids eat it all. I've already started taking it into work.   No kid needs to eat all of that candy.  Gross.  But, it was a major haul needless to say.  There just didn't seem to be as many kids out this year.

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

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