Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just a girl with an iPhone

Clearly not a professional photographer by any stretch of ANY imagination but I did take some photos on Saturday while waiting in between pictures with Steph.

I love love LOVE this picture of my boys.  They were having so much fun throwing the leaves up in the air and I caught them just right.  Aidan's face in this is one of my favorites in a long time.  He's just smiling and SO full of joy.  They both had fun playing together in this moment and I love all the colors and their big, bright smiles. I need to frame this one and put it up for sure. 

 This one almost makes you think he's all sweet and innocent.  OR that he's going to take that branch and smack me right in the face with it........right?!   Well, he didn't do the latter, I can tell you that much!!!   He just wanted to peek through and have me take the picture.  
 We took this one while Stephanie was doing a little mini shoot with Aidan.  I will never get tired of taking our photos in this park!  Look at all of the gorgeous colors there are!  
She really couldn't be any MORE like me, could she?!  Erynn is definitely a little version of her Mommy, that is for sure.  I love that she wanted to make sure that she and I matched........right down to our brown boots.    

 I love this pic of my little family.  Sometimes I look at them and think how did I get so lucky???  I don't know what I did but I did something right because I am living a really good life.  I'm grateful for all that I've been through because without it I wouldn't be who I am and I wouldn't appreciate what I have.  These four are my life, heart and my soul and I wouldn't change a thing.

Steph posted another TEASER to my Facebook page.  I came into work today and I had 18 likes.  I had no clue what everyone was liking because I had already gone to bed.  Cracked me up that everyone got to see before me!   LOL.   Can't wait for the rest!!  Love love love.

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