Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Glamping has OFFICIALLY begun!!! Oh and Happy Mother's Day too!

Yeeeaaaaah Buddy!!!!   Bring on the Glamping Season!!!!!   I will never get sick of typing those words.  We just have so much fun as a family on these weekend trips.  It's almost like a holiday because we get to go away but without all of the craziness of having to actually go too far.  There are all kinds of activities, the pools, the shopping nearby (HA!), the dances at night, the campfire, I could go on and on. 

This weekend was no different.  The Donaghy's came with us for the first time ever and we all had such a great time together!  This weekend was also Mother's Day weekend which made it that much better.  We always start off our camping season with MD weekend.  It's tradition.  Neil and John totally did right by Christy and I.  Saturday they took the kids to Bass Pro and let us have "down time" to read and/or relax.  Then they sent us for a massage nearby on Saturday evening and had dinner ready for us when we got back to the camper.  We took the kids to the dance Saturday night and then we sat by the fire and just hung out talking until we couldn't stay up anymore. The guys sent us to the outlets on Sunday to do some shopping........granted I did MUCH more shopping for the kids than myself but that's typical of me.  I think I bought myself one outfit for work and then a workout outfit.  What's the fun in that??  LMAO.  After shopping we came back to the camper and got to read some more.  It was just such a wonderful weekend!  

Of course the gauntlet has now been thrown for Father's Day weekend.  But, come on, seriously?  We're women.  Of course we can top that.  It's almost not even fair.  :-)

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